Exclusive Download Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition Wallpapers

OnePlus is a company which has build its stardom on the fan following. This is why they always follow their fans too to keep the relationship more strong. Simultaneously Star Wars series also has a long and big fan following all over more than 30 years. This series has drastically help the reinvention of Sci-Fi genre in our movies and even in our real life. The Last Jedi is the latest part in the Star Wars series which is releasing all over the world. Therefore Oneplus has also took this opportunity to exclusively release their latest flagship OnePlus 5T in Star Wars edition. This is a limited release but available in India for the fans of Star Wars.

Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition

Star Wars exclusive edition of OnePlus 5T comes with the white back where Star War’s famous logo can be seen easily. Although the front is as usual black. There is also one aesthetic changes in the color of dedicated alert slider. It is now red to match the long legacy of Star Wars. Beside this all the other aspects and specification are same as regular OnePlus 5T with 8GB RAM.

The price in India for this limited edition is Rs 38,999.00 and it is only available at OnePlus Store and Amazon. You can also get 10% cashback on Amazon if you pay through ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Exclusive Download Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition Wallpapers

Furthermore, this OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition comes with bunch of exclusive wallpapers which better suits its redesigned looks and feels really fresh. These exclusive stock wallpapers are irresistibly awesome even if you are not a Star War’s fan. Just scroll down below to experience the beauty yourself. As we are sharing all of them right here so you can exclusive download Oneplus 5T Star Wars edition Wallpapers on your existing android mobiles or iPhones. Remember to right click on any stock wallpapers and click on “Save link as” if you are using Google Chrome.

If you are also looking for default stock wallpapers which comes with regular edition of OnePlus 5T then you can download those original wallpapers in 4K resolution right here.

Exclusive Download Oneplus 5T Star Wars Edition Wallpapers

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